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B2B SEO Audit

B2B businesses often struggle with the quality of their organic traffic and making the connection between their own terminology and the phrases their potential customers are actually searching.

B2B SEO: Quality Over Quantity

Marketing to other businesses has its own unique set of challenges. For one, you have to really know who's going to be searching and browsing your site -- Is it the CEO or the latest intern? And then you have to figure out how to optimize your visibility and messaging for that person.

Here are some of the things we look for in a B2B SEO Audit:

Topical Authority

  • Does your website demonstrate your expertise and offer information about the services you offer and the problems they solve?

  • Do you have a logical and intuitive internal linking structure to lead users to related information on adjacent topics?

  • Is your navigation menu easy to use and does it highlight the most important pages and sections on your site?


Keyword & Terminology Variations

  • Does your content do a sufficient job of combining brand messaging (how you refer to your services) and frequent search terms (how people search for those same services)?

  • Do you differentiate your own products/services from similar ones that potential customers may be looking for, even if they're not exactly what you do?

  • Are more people finding you and your services through brand name searches or unbranded searches?


Search Intent & Funnel Optimization

  • Do you have content available for users in all phases of the buying cycle or are you focusing primarily on low-funnel conversions?

  • Are you making it easy for people high in the funnel to get the answers they need (through a blog post, perhaps) and then navigate to content that helps them along the buyer journey?

  • Other than actively shopping for your products/services, what types of Google searches are leading users to your website?


E-E-A-T Factors (Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)

  • Do you highlight and display reviews, case studies, and testimonials?

  • Are you highlighting the credentials of your founder, leadership team and other experts connected to your brand?

  • Do you cite trusted sources to support claims about your products?

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We'll provide a custom quote for your B2B website's SEO audit. 

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