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Competitor SEO Audit

Maybe you're more interested in what your competitors are doing to consistently outrank you. We'll dig into their sites and SEO to look for key opportunities and competitive gaps.

We Know What They Did Last Summer...

...and also every season since then.

Just like we work with our own clients on comparing present to historical performance, we can use our tools to see how your competitors have been faring, where they are now, and where they're headed by performing an SEO audit on their website.

Here's some of what we can dig up:

Keyword Gaps

  • Which important keywords is your competitor ranking for that you're not? And where are you outperforming your competitor?

  • How are you faring against your competitor in different geographical areas or different languages?


Content Gaps

  • What information does your competitor provide on their website that you do not?

  • What blog posts and topics are gaining your competitor the most traffic -- and is it good traffic?

  • How can you enhance your own content to outperform similar content on your competitor's site?


Backlink Profile & PR Connections

  • Where has your competitor gained backlinks from?

  • What journalists, bloggers, and other publishers seem to reference your competitors regularly?

  • Does your competitor seem to be paying for backlinks or getting most of them organically?


Exploitable Weaknesses

  • What SEO mistakes is your competitor making?

  • What new opportunities in your industry has your competitor missed out on thus far?

  • How can you best exploit your competitors weaknesses for short or long term gains?

Request a Quote

We'll provide a custom quote for your B2B website's SEO audit. 

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