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Shopping Bag

eCommerce SEO Audit

Many modern ecommerce sites have both more opportunities and more potential pitfalls with elements like faceted product navigation, out-of-stock templates and "people also bought" features.

Shopping-Oriented Approach

These are some of the specific items we look for during an SEO audit for an eCommerce website.

Product & Category Pages

  • Are product images an appropriate size and resolution? Do they include relevant 'alt text?'

  • Do category pages include custom content to help them rank *without* competing with your specific product pages.

  • How does your website handle an out-of-stock product so that it's not just a 'dead end' for potential customers?


Reviews & Social Proof

  • Are your product reviews visible on your website?

  • Are you featuring positive customer feedback on specific product pages?

  • What reviews information is visible to users during a Google search? Are your reviews consistent across the different platforms?


Schema Markup

  • Are you including appropriate schema markup on your site to help inform Google about your brand and provide extra information in search results?

  • What markup is being used by your competitors on similar types of products and pages?


Indexation & Canonicals

  • Do you have a single canonical version of each product page URL?

  • Are any category pages, tag pages, or others cannibalizing your search rankings?

  • If using faceted navigation, is there a strategy behind URL structure and whether URLs are being indexed?

  • Is Google obeying your canonicals and not indexing the pages you don't want indexed?

Request a Quote

We'll provide a custom quote for your eCommerce website SEO audit. 

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