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SEO Audit & Analysis

Find out what's working...
and what's not.

If you're making an investment in your SEO, you already know how important it is to your business. Many businesses reach a point where they can see the results of SEO work, but they can't actually tell if they're as good as they could (and should) be.

An SEO audit allows you to understand what's going well, discover areas of opportunity and find new ways for costumers to find you. Our audit process gives you a comprehensive picture of the different aspects of your SEO, how they're contributing to business goals, and what you can do to get more out of them. 

Types of SEO Audits

Ecommerce SEO Audit

Many modern ecommerce sites have both more opportunities and more potential pitfalls with elements like faceted product navigation, out-of-stock templates and "people also bought" features.

Local SEO

For businesses reliant on local customers, making sure you're appearing for localized and "near me" searches is extremely important, as is keeping your contact info and business hours up to date across the web.


B2B businesses often struggle with the quality of their organic traffic and making the connection between their own terminology and the phrases their potential customers are actually searching.

Competitor SEO Audit

Maybe you're more interested in what your competitors are doing to consistently outrank you. We'll dig into their sites and SEO to look for key opportunities and competitive gaps.

Professional SEO Audit vs. SEO Audit Tools

What makes our audit a better investment than what you'll get with the popular SEO tools?


You may be wondering why so many companies choose to hire an agency or consultant to do an SEO audit when they can simply use a tool like Moz, Semrush or Ahrefs instead, and with a lower investment cost.

First off, those tools are great. We're Semrush users ourselves!

Here's the thing... those tools are all automated, and while they do provide useful information, they can't give you crucial feedback and suggestions that are specific to your business, industry, and overall objectives.

Our audits start with input from you, use data from a variety of sources (including Semrush) and end with a customized presentation of our findings and suggestions to help you overtake your competitors in search rankings.

Our Clients

"We have thoroughly enjoyed being a client of Highway One as our SEO consultants. Not only were Mike and the team great to work with, but we saw real results from first-page search results to increased overall organic search volume and clicks to a refined structured data and alt text strategy.."
- Lindy Ledohowski, Wizeprep
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Screen Shot 2023-07-19 at 8.45.17 AM.png

Who Benefits from an SEO Audit?

We especially recommend conducting an audit if you:

  • are considering changing agencies or moving from in-house to agency SEO support, 

  • wonder if you could be seeing a better ROI from your SEO

  • feel like similar businesses or competitors are outperforming you on SEO

  • simply haven't had anyone give your SEO efforts an unbiased look in a while.


Highway One Marketing brings nearly 20 years of SEO experience. With an audit from our team you can expect a detailed review of your website, extensive feedback, and guidance on how to proceed. We go in-depth reporting ways you can improve your SEO strategy and suggest creative ways to enhance performance.


Contact us to get started! 

White Label SEO Audits Available

We welcome the opportunity to provide our SEO Audit services for other marketing agencies, web developers and anyone else who wants to provide added value to their existing clients.

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