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Our Policy on Using AI Tools

AI is everywhere, and nowhere is it more talked about and experimented with than in marketing departments and SEO agencies.

The technology itself is still young and will continue to evolve, much to both the amazement and terror of the general population. While views may change over time, Highway One Marketing currently regards AI technology such as ChatGPT and Google Bard as extremely interesting and useful (though imperfect) tools that can and should be experimented with in an attempt to grow our clients' business, as well as our own. Simultaneously, we acknowledge AI's many limitations and dangers and actively seek to constrain our use of AI to responsible and transparent uses.

With that in mind, we feel it's important to offer transparency for how and when we will use AI technology in our work. Here are some policies we will abide by for the foreseeable future:

  • Unless otherwise stated, we will not use AI as an autonomous and independent method for services provided to our clients. We may use AI as a method of ideation and/or guidance, but a human team member will always be heavily involved and responsible for the quality of the service provided.

  • We will seek to use AI in ways that enhance, improve and broaden our capabilities as a marketing agency. We will not use AI for a "quantity over quality" approach that would take work away from our human team members and likely sacrifice the quality of the end products and services.

  • We will openly discuss with our clients if, how and when AI is employed in the work provided for them.

  • We will proactively consider and avoid applications of AI that may result in biased or otherwise inaccurate information. 

For specific questions about how Highway One Marketing does or does not emply AI tools, please contact us.

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