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PPC Account Audit

Is your ad account working to its full potential?

Chances are... no, it's not.

PPC platforms like Google Ads offer so many settings, options, bidding strategies and other features that keeping track of all of them is wildly challenging.

Whether you're managing your ad campaigns in-house or partnering with an outside agency, performing a regular audit of your account is well worth your time and money. In most cases, we can very literally save you well more money in (previously) wasted ad spend than the cost of the audit itself.

Starting at $500

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When Is the Right Time for a PPC Audit?

We especially recommend conducting an audit if you are between agencies, often wonder if you could be getting more from your ads, or simply haven't done one in a long time.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is some of my advertising budget being wasted on campaigns and audiences that are not buying from us?

  • Are my best performing campaigns being maximized to reach their full potential?

  • Are my creatives and ad copy resonating with my audience?

  • Am I prepared to scale and take advantage of the next shopping season?

These are some of the answers we help you answer.


Highway One Marketing brings over a decade's worth of PPC experience to the table. With an audit from our team you can expect a detailed review of your account(s), extensive feedback, and guidance on how to proceed. We go in-depth reporting on ways you can improve your PPC strategy and suggest creative ways to find more leads and sales.


We can perform an audit for any of the popular Search or Social ad platforms: Google, Microsoft, Meta/Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We will review your account structure, audience targeting settings, keywords, ad copy, bids, budgets, landing pages, ad extensions and more. 

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Can't I Just Use the "Recommendations"  I See in the Account for This Stuff?

Please don't.

Ask any experienced marketer and they'll tell you the Recommendations panel in Google Ads and other platforms can do so much more harm than good. Even if you don't choose to work with Highway One Marketing for your audit, we implore you... don't rely on the auto-generated recommendations.

Our Clients

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