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Email Marketing

The marketing department at many businesses will tell you that Email is the most important channel in their mix. That’s because Email Marketing reliably shows a higher conversion rate than almost all other channels, as well as a typically strong return on investment.

Laptop with gmail open

If you have a list of email addresses for your customers and/or potential customers, it’s not terribly difficult to figure out how to send a mass email. The real “no frills” way is to open up Gmail or Outlook, write your message, and address it to yourself while including everyone on your list in the BCC line. For companies with a small list and an infrequent need to send emails to their customers, it works. 

In order to truly use Email as a marketing channel, and not just a communication method, you’ll need some additional tools and strategy. 

Considerations for Your Email Marketing Strategy

  • Which email platform should you use?

  • How are you acquiring email subscribers to grow your list?

  • Where are you storing your subscriber list?

  • Will everyone get the same emails, or will you separate by segment (e.g. customers vs non-customers)?

  • What type of information, promotions, and other content will your emails contain?

  • How often will you send emails?

  • What should your emails look like, design-wise?


For each of these questions, there is no right or wrong answer, but there are best practices to follow. Highway One can help you develop your strategy, build your email list, and set you up with an email service that fits your needs (and budget).

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